About Us

Lee & Partners Legacy Advisory Sdn Bhd.

We provide one-stop service to help clients to construct proper and comprehensive planning which includes estate planning, financial planning, retirement planning, life planning etc.

Keep Up with Digital Technology

As of how advanced the world is today, we realized that it is important to keep up with digital technology because everything revolves and depends on it. Hence, we built our company online system and platform to run these services in a digital friendly manner so that it can be easily accessed anywhere and anytime.

Our Objective

Provide assistance and advice to clients who wish to have their estate and finances well managed and their lives properly planned in order to prevent unnecessary hassles to their loved ones in the future.

Based on our survey and studies on the current market, statistics show that over 90% of the citizens of Malaysia are eligible but did not take any positive actions to make planning for their lives.

This leads to various kind of issues when one passes on in the future. We see the need to cater to the society in these areas and to also stand in to fill the gaps of the current market.

Training & Educational Program

Besides, we also provide training and educational program related to our services to the society at large and also to business partners who share the same interest, vision and goals in providing similar services.